UI library powering(💪🏻) Crazy-Kalakaar(🦄) and it's products! 🚀

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  • This is the core UI library powering Crazy-Kalakaar and it's other products.
  • Component library built on React.js using Typescript and Tailwindcss
  • Built storybook for better visibility of various components offered by ck-ui
  • Light-weight and Blazingly fast backed by Rollup under-the-hood
  • Development environment set-up using Vite for faster local development
  • Built for internal purpose of Crazy-Kalakaar
  • Easy to use
  • Custom built components to provide dual-theming solutions
  • Backed by custom CI-CD to push release on private github packages
  • Custom light-weight animations implemented using react-spring and pure-css