About me

Hi I'm Tanay Toshniwal, a 25 years old Developer/Musician/Biker

Born and brought up in the gorgeous "Pink City", Jaipur, India.

I'm "A Developer by Profession and a Musician by Passion with heart of a Biker!".

An experienced developer and a musician with a hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies! I play multiple instruments like guitar, flute, keyboard, etc. and I love riding bikes!

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Tanay Toshniwal

Life on wheels...

life on wheels

After working hours, you can find me in a corner playing some Musical Instruments, being completely involved with my rubik's cube family! If not, I am out for a bike ride or a walk ;)

This video is of my "own" composed melody named Awakening, hope you like it!

I'd recommend you to close your eyes, and listen to it once!

Let me know if you like this one ;)

Also, checkout this cover of "Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's"

I cover a lot of songs on multiple instruments...

Make sure you checkout my YouTube Channel for more such content!