CK Evolution

It's been a long time since I started this project as a static projects showcasing website during my college days!

If you're wondering why these websites are kept alive? it's just for the loving-sweet-memory!heart

Here are the details and links for these websites:

Portfolio v0
Portfolio v1

Portfolio v0 was initally released in mid 2017 when I was in my second year. The initial purpose of this project was only to showcase the projects I was working on and to showcase my technical skills!

Somehow decided to learn Angular and migrated the website to the new framework with additional details, a bunch of new projects and a touch of optimizations. This was the birth of Portfolio v1 This was progressively improved and optimizes through time.

And here we're now, this current website was initially termed as Portfolio v2 in early 2020, but later decided to term it as Bhramastra. Which is now re-branded to Crazy-Kalakaar (2023).