React Native application for generating and sharing Visiting Cards. Built during Internship at Saachi Technologies.
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React NativeFirestoreFirebase AuthenticationJavascript ES6Node.js
Material DesignHybrid Mobile ApplicationReact Native ApplicationREST APIs
  • Made a React Native Full Stack Application for generating and sharing Visiting Cards.
  • Implemented QR Code generation using users id that can be used by in-app scanner for adding to user's contacts.
  • Implemented Responsive design of Visiting card that renders dynamically from JSON Object making it easy to edit a it's details.
  • Implemented efficient Contacts filtering based on user's contacts list.
  • Dynamic updating of user's contacts and their current Visiting Cards.
  • Used Firebase Social Authentication for authenticating users.
  • Used Firebase Firestore for NoSQL database
  • Used Node.js and Express.js for REST APIs.